Certificates – for persons seeking licensure, ordination and professional development. The courses in the certificate program are not designed to give students standard academic credits or degrees.

Program Study

  • Old Testament Survey I
  • Church Administration
  • Intro Missions/Evangelism
  • Principles of Effective Leadership
  • New Testaments Survey I
  • Homiletics
  • Church of God in Christ History and Policy
  • Women in the Ministry
  • Church of God in Christ Doctrine and Social Ethics
  • Christian Counseling

The 10 course Certificate Program for C.H. Mason Jurisdictional Institute and Ordination and Licensure. Church of God in Christ Ordination and Licensure The purpose of the COGIC Ordination and Licensure Certificate is to provide foundation knowledge and skills in core practical, historical, and academic areas. The certificate may, at the discretion of Jurisdictional Bishops and Supervisors, be used as the prerequisite for ordination and licensure. This certificate will also serve as a means of professional development and personal enrichment for other persons.

Programs of Objectives
To assist denominational leaders in the task of preparing material for the licensing and ordination of future church leaders.

  1. To provide non-credit academic courses that serve the needs of non-degree-seeking students.
  2. To introduce students to the fundamentals of the art of homiletics.
  3. To provide practical ministry and administrative skills for students.
  4. To assist students in the development of basic competencies in Bible, church administration, and theology.

Sequence of Courses
The courses are designed to give maximum flexibility to the Jurisdictional Commissioners/Deans of Education and Jurisdictional Bishops to develop programs that will best serve the needs of their jurisdictions. The course may be taught over a period 2 to 3 years, and sequenced according to the needs of the jurisdiction. The courses in this program are generic; Jurisdictional Commissioners/Deans of Education and Bishops may elect to offer separate courses for laypersons, male and female credential holders. In the spirit of cooperation, we recommend that Jurisdictional Supervisors collaborate in the selection of instructors for the Women in Ministry class. Emphasis must be placed on those matters that are particularly significant to the mission and work of the Women’s Department.

Registration Fees
Thirty dollars ($30.00) which is non-refundable is payable at time of registration.

Late Registration Fee
Ten dollars ($10.00) per class is charged for late registration. All students are expected to comply with the set registration period. This fee is also non-refundable.

Tuition rate is $75.00 per Institute Course.

The cost of books vary ($15-$20), students are responsible for securing their own textbooks.

Return Check Fee
Any check that is returned for any reason will be charged a $20.00 fee in addition to the amount of check.




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