A Message from the Bishop

Jurisdiction Prelate
Bishop Webbs

In June of 2003, we reached a major milestone in the history of the Greater New Hampshire Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction as we celebrated the opening of our very own Charles H. Mason Jurisdictional Institute (CHMJI) at Mt. Sinai Church of God in Christ in Worcester, Massachusetts. The CHMJI is the implementation of a vision of mine that has been embedded within my spirit every since I embarked upon my God-given and God-driven mission of establishing a church (where no Church of God in Christ had existed for 10 to 15 years) in Worcester, Massachusetts in February of 1965. It has always been my belief that we should never forget the leaders that has set the landmark in this Grand Old Church of God in Christ, and that each new generation should seek to improve the quality of the Church in respect to our worship facilities and educating our members, particularly ministers and missionaries as we endeavor to win the lost for Christ.