Night of Ministry with Dorinda Clark Cole

Singing before audiences and congregations since she was five years old has rightfully gained Dorinda Clark-Cole the title as “the Rose of Gospel.” Her unique vocal style and unparalleled energy simply bursts at the seams. Her infectious stage performances are still creating a growing fan base everywhere she goes. As a member of the world-renowned Clark Sisters, her raspy alto contributions have always made her stand out as the noted “jazzy” one of her sisters. She is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, evangelist, administrator and business woman within the kingdom of God. Her blossoming career is taking the world by storm.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dorinda developed a highly regarded reputation for her churchy, jazz-influenced vocals during her tenure with the equally legendary Grammy Award winning Clark Sisters. She has long been the sister who startlingly possesses vocal similarities to her mother, Gospel legend and pioneer Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Dorinda can spontaneously shift a song into its highest gear. Expect to see her break out into her funky, yet sanctified and now infamous “Dorinda Shuffle” when the praise goes up. Dorinda’s energy and vibrant personality is prevalent in her inimitable riffs, runs, and scats. “We used to call her ‘the marathon runner’,” says Karen of her older sister’s vocal melismas. “We used to say, ‘Girl can you slow your runs down a bit?’” Nonetheless, Dorinda has consistently baffled fans, artists and peers with her matchless sonic speed, her adventurous contemporary Gospel fusions with traditional Gospel elements, her richness of style and depth in the expression she offers, and her clever singing methods.

Dorinda’s self-titled solo debut on Gospo-Centric Records exploded onto the scene in June 2002 and won her two Stellar Awards and a Soul Train Lady of Soul Award for Best Female Gospel Artist. The album featured the hit singles like the furiously intense “I’m Coming Out”, the compelling “You Don’t Have to Leave Here the Same,” and “No Not One,” Dorinda’s ode to her love of hymns where she reminisced on the classic Clark Sisters’ cut “I’ve Got An Angel” delightfully laced within the song’s vamp. On her sophomore project, recorded live in Houston, Texas and aptly titled “The Rose of Gospel,” Dorinda offers another set of power packed vocal arrangements and lyrical testaments to the goodness of God. The album released in 2005 featured the hits “Great is the Lord,” “So Many Times,” and “I’ve Got a Reason.” Her energetic presence and the glory of God within her both shine all over this project. As her sister Twinkie has stated many times before, fans will find that Dorinda truly just “knows how to work a song.”

Dorinda balances her growing musical career with her national speaking and preaching engagements. She’s an ordained evangelist, minister and preacher of the word of God. Her messages often show up in her music. She counts her life experiences to be the fuel that drives her songwriting. “It was a devastating time,” says Dorinda of the period in her life that created her testimony and inspired her biggest hit “I’m Sill Here.” “It was a time when I was about to end it. I mean I was suicidal. I never ever would have thought I would experience that because I was ‘so saved’! We say it all the time that God can pull you out of it and He can do anything, but when you actually get there it’s like I really know He can do it.”

In addition to being a prominent solo recording artist and evangelist, Dorinda is a business woman and prominent figure in the Church of God in Christ where she has previously served as president of the First Ecclesiastical Southwest Jurisdiction No. 1 of the Church of God in Christ and vice-president of the COGIC’s International Music Department. She is also the founder and CEO of Harvest Time Ministries & Lifeline Productions. She is coordinator of the annual Singers & Musicians Conference, which takes place every September and instructs and showcases young talent in the Gospel music industry. Dorinda proudly served as an administrator and instructor at the Clark Conservatory of Music in Detroit founded by her mother, and is an administrator at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC, pastored by her brother-in-law, Bishop. J. Drew Sheard. She also received an honorary doctorate from the Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary in 2004. Dorinda’s latest accomplishments includes being signed to Light Records and having her “Rose Collection” distributed by TerraMina Fashions. There’s no stopping to kingdom advancement.